Is this what it feels like to trust… overwhelming and a little… no, a lot like you’re drowning?

I can relate to Peter, when Jesus was walking on the water and Peter jumped out of the boat to meet Him. Peter was so zealous and eager to follow Jesus but along the way he would quickly lose faith.

I feel like that, I jump in without always thinking it through realistically and when the waves come crashing and the water begins to swallow me up I falter.

Going into this we were so naive, it looked easy, an inexpensive and attainable goal. We had it all worked out and then thing after thing that we did not expect came up. Expenses went far over budget, time ran out.

God has stretched us far past what I thought was possible.

The beginning of this year people were talking about their word for the year. I’ve never had a word for my year so I asked God to give me one. “Trust” instantly popped into my head but I pushed it away thinking it must have been my own thoughts, “Father silence my heart so that I can actually hear your Spirit speak to me!” I begged. “Anna, trust!” There was that word again. And the realization dawned on me, that was my word for the year!

So through everything that has gone wrong, and everything that tests and stretches my faith, my soul is gently reminded, trust!

In our culture we talk about having finances as being responsible, we don’t do big things unless we have the means to, but sometimes, God asks us to step out in faith. To blindly step out of our comfort zone and into His will. Sometimes God asks us to blindly step out of our comfort zone and into His will. Click To Tweet

He didn’t promise us comfortable, happy lives or big budgets for following Him. He did promise us adversity in this life and trouble, but He also holds out reward for living in obedience to His will. And whether that reward comes to us here on earth or in our eternal life in heaven, there will be a reward for our obedience. If nothing more than eternal life with Jesus in a perfect world where our happiness is promised.

I used to obsess over our budget, I still do at times, but I hear Him whispering to my heart “trust” and it always works out.

I’d love to have a comfortable and secure budget, to have our dream house finished, a second reliable vehicle and so many other things but He provides! It may not be how I want or expect or dreamed of, it may not be in my idea of a timely fashion but He comes through every time.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you have what you need to obey, He will provide when the time is right! Take that risk and step into His will!