My baby is super trendy. Lately, he’s into food facials, but instead of avocado, oatmeal and the likes, it’s spaghetti, and smoothie and chocolate. All the carbs please!

james spaghetti facial
I didn’t get a picture of him tonight, but this is close to what he looked like. 

Food facials have become a daily occurrence at our meal times since Mr. Jamesie wants to feed himself. And if you’re lucky enough to sit by him, he’ll even offer to coat your face for you.

Free facial anyone? No? Why ever not?!

He’s 15 months, you know, it would be embarrassing to have mom spoon feed him anymore! *eye roll* I tried once and he R.E.F.U.S.E.D. 

He doesn’t just make a big mess without being polite though. Every time a plate of food is set before him, he looks around for silverware. He’s a gentleman you know!

So with fork in one hand, he scoops up the food and then flips the fork just as it’s about to reach his eager little mouth and the food drops back to his plate where his free hand is waiting to catch it and try again. 

After a plate of spaghetti tonight, his cute little cheeks were covered in sauce. He looked like a human baby version of Bugs Bunny with his white front teeth and big dark eyes. He had a single blond cartoon-baby wisp on his head.


He reached his fork over to Drew’s plate and looked up at him with big brown begging eyes. His tongue lolled out to lick the sauce off his face, and he babbled a question of the begging nature.

He got some of Dad’s spaghetti.

Moments like these I wish time would stop and he would stay my cute, giggling, trusting little baby. That sweet innocent toddler who I can mostly protect from himself and others. Who’s tragedies and drama are fishing with his hands in the fish tank (or toilet) and minor bumps and bruises because he’s still clumsy but he insists on going full speed everywhere! 

The moral dilemmas of toddlers are simple; obedience and kindness.

I want to live in these moments more. They’re so limited. I’ve so often lived them through the lens of my camera, but you don’t really get to soak up the time together the same when you witness it through a picture. 

My phone is out of commission which has been a blessing in disguise, it has helped me to break a lot of my addiction to technology. 

I haven’t been able to document our lives with images the last few weeks. But I’ve stored up these moments in my heart. 

I’m learning to be present with my boys and be intentional with the fleeting moments I’m given with my little loves. 

What is your best advice for living present and in the moment as a mom?