The Chemicals in most household cleaners can get you high.

Norwex Solves Our Chemical Problem!

Out of approximately 84,000 chemicals on the market only 1% have been tested for safety.

Let that sink in.

To me, that is terrifying. On average men use about 85 and women use up to 168 more than that just in personal care products on a daily basis. Think shampoo, body wash, deodorant, body spray, toothpaste, shaving cream, makeup and that is just the tip of the iceberg! When you add in cleaning products, laundry soap, dryer sheets and a host of other chemicals used almost daily, it’s overwhelming! Not to mention the waste! While pregnant, the toxins that you are exposed to can pass to your child. The umbilical cord blood of newborns has shown 300 contaminants according to the New York Times.

What kind of environment are we creating for ourselves and our children, when they are born with toxins already in their blood?

A lot of the chemicals used on a daily basis are somewhat harmless but some are carcinogens, endocrine inhibitors and neurotoxins! Yuck!

This is where Norwex steps in and saves the day!


The Norwex mission is to radically reduce the amount of chemicals used in our homes.

What’s the big deal about Norwex?


Dusting Mitt, EnviroCloth, Window Cloth


Not just any microfiber, they use incredibly high quality microfiber for their products. For material to qualify as microfiber, each fiber must be 1/6 the size of a human hair. Imagine one of your hairs split 6 ways! Tiny huh?! Well you’re about to have your mind blown… Norwex microfibers are guaranteed to be at least 1/200th the size of a human hair! What??


Each EnviroCloth, (ie the backbone of Norwex or the Everything cloth!) has 18,000 miles of microfiber woven into it. That’s enough to stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. This provides density that helps to absorb and lock in the bacteria and other gross things you pick up with your rag. When used properly Norwex microfiber will remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria from a surface and the awesome thing is, it does not cross contaminate! The gross example that someone used was that you could clean your toilet and wash your face. There’s no way I would go that far and it is still wise to go from clean to dirtiest with surfaces, especially in bathrooms.

A common demo with the EnviroCloth is to smear butter on a mirror and use a damp EnviroCloth to clean it off streak free. When you use paper towel for this, it does not absorb the butter into the rag, instead it builds up and smears all over your surface. The success of the EnviroCloth in part is due to the density of the cloth.


A third reason to use Norwex is that it contains BacLock antibacterial agent, a self cleansing system solely to eliminate mold and bacteria growth on their cloths. Embedded in those tiny fibers is silver. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and instead of multiplying, it dies off, leaving you with cleaner cloths and towels and no foul smell!

So, what can the EnviroCloth do?

The answer to that question is infinite! I like my travel pack sized EnviroCloths for wiping my baby after meals, or taking along in the diaper bag. They make clean up super quick and easy. Washing dishes, wiping hard surfaces, cleaning suede and other upholstery. Whether it’s scrubbing, cleaning, or wiping windows, the EnviroCloth is up for the job! You can clean most of your house with a single cloth. Of course Norwex has many other helpful and useful items that are specific to the job, but if you were to invest in just one cloth, it should be the EnviroCloth. They come in green, blue, pink and slate so you can color code each room of the house!

The EnviroCloth can help you clean about 90% of your house with just water!

Arm chair cleaned with just water and Norwex

Water and a little scrubbing with the EnviroCloth, makes a huge difference on this chair that has been stained for years!

Shoe before and after

These shoes looked scuffed but a little polishing with the EnviroCloth and water made them shine like new.


Window Cloth

There are three basic items that Norwex bundles together as the Household Package. It consists of the EnviroCloth (Clean), the Window Cloth (Polish), and the Dusting Mitt (Dust). The Window cloth is made of tightly woven microfiber to create a smooth surface for polishing. Windows, jewelry, stainless steel, granite, etc. Like many other Norwex cloths, it features their BacLock self cleaning system to purify the cloth when wet. The window cloth traps dirt, grime and dust keeping your hard surfaces clean longer. It can be folded in four so that you have 8 clean sides and can use the cloth longer before washing is necessary.

When the Window Cloth is used with the EnviroCloth surfaces that need a streak free shine are a breeze to clean. Windows, mirrors, shower doors, stainless steel and other hard surfaces will sparkle. The speed and efficiency that you can clean your windows with just these two cloths is incredible.


Dusting Mitt

Have you ever struggled to get a surface really dust free with a wet or dry cloth? There’s always residue and dust left behind even with dusting sprays like pledge. Besides that, they are full of toxic chemicals and often leave a sticky layer behind which attracts dust particles right back to the surface! I’ve always hated dusting because of this. It is also tedious work to remove things from the surface and dust each individual item, or picture on the wall. I’ve never seen much point to it.

Enter Norwex Dusting Mitt!

The Dusting Mitt works by using static electricity. While microfiber holds a positive charge, dust has a negative charge, this creates an magnetic effect when you brush the mitt over the surface. Any dust, bacteria and contaminant is sucked into the fibers of the cloth and clings there until brushed into the garbage or washed out. The mitt can be used dry, damp or saturated and features BacLock for self purification. With the Dusting Mitt, you can speed up dusting time and efficiency, by simply running your hands over whatever surface. Dusting intricate decor or picture frames has never been easier. To double the dusting speed, use two mitts. Anything you touch or pick up will be quickly dusted and ready to go back in place! No more frustration with hard to get little nooks and crannies! Use the Rubber Brush after you are finished to scrape dust into the trash or rinse and wring and hang to dry. The mitts even feature a little loop for hanging.

There are three ways for you to get Norwex.

You can purchase Norwex.

Follow any of the links on this page, or go here.

You can host a party.

Find me on Facebook message me and let me know that you would like to host a party, or contact me through my blog. My hosts on average earn about $250-$300 in free product from hosting a Norwex party. Message me for more information.

The third option is to join my team as a consultant. Norwex consultant benefits include:

Affordable Business Startup Cost

Norwex will ship you everything that you need to host parties and start selling for just $9.99. In order to give you the chance to earn the Starter Kit for free, the cost is deferred for 90 days. The kit is yours at no additional cost if you sell $2000 in that period. If you have not sold the $2000 it is simply $200. (93% of consultants sell $2000+ in 90 days) There are no fees beyond this or need to stock inventory. After earning your starter kit, you can choose to continue actively selling or just use your 35% discount for personal purchases.

Norwex Startuup Kit

Lots of help and easy success!

Norwex provides tons of information and material so that their consultants have the best shot at success. The team leaders are also so generous with their knowledge and resources and will do anything to help you succeed! Although it takes hard work and dedication to create any business, Norwex is simple. At first I thought “I don’t have that many people to sell to.” But I realized that if I could find 10 interested people and each of those people knew 10 interested people, that is 100 people reached. You only have to know a few interested people to begin.

Free Norwex and great commission!

The amount of FREE Norwex I have received is almost overwhelming! From their Fresh Start Program to hosting your own parties. When you host a party, you get the host gifts, the 8-12% Norwex shopping spree and your 35% commission! Oh yeah, did I mention the commission? 35% or a 35% discount. That’s almost $200 per party (on average, a party brings in $500). If you put in 4-6 hours of work on that party total, you are making $30-50/hour.

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is an incentive program that Norwex has created for new consultants. When you sell $400 (less than 1 party) in your first 15 days of being a consultant, they will send you approximately $130 of items. When I signed up, I chose to purchase the kit builder package Gold which automatically put me at my first Fresh Start goal. I reached my second goal of $1000 in just 13 days! With a reward of $180 in FREE products. The final goal is $2000 in 60 days, with over $200 in reward products. You don’t have to make every Fresh Start goal to get the rest, if you miss the first you can still get the second and third and each one ships as you meet the goal so you don’t lose your reward if you don’t make it to the final level.

Norwex Fresh Start Goals


Norwex provides great host benefits! For a party around $600, the host can earn from $250-300 in free products. The higher the party sales, the higher the rewards! None of that comes out of your commission or your inventory. Just demonstrate what Norwex can do and you will have eager customers. Parties are easy and fun!

No Pressure!

One of the things I like as a Norwex consultant is the lack of pressure. I hate feeling like I need to pressure or convince people to join my team or buy my products! Norwex gives you benefits for building a team but that is not the main focus. Their mission is one that I can get excited about and share with others. Radically reducing the chemicals in homes to create safe havens. Rather than convince someone of why they should join/buy Norwex, I can show them how Norwex can meet their needs!

There is a need for Norwex

To sell something, there has to first be a need. There is a big push towards living a more economical and healthier lifestyle. Norwex achieves this by helping to save money, time and resources while delivering quality and cleanliness to homes. Only about 1% of the United States uses Norwex, this creates a wide open field. Customers love that Norwex really works! Norwex is something you can get excited about and excitement is contagious!

So, go join my team and become part of the Norwex movement improving the quality of life around you. And then contact me so I can help you on this journey! Let’s show people a better way to create safe havens in their homes with just Norwex microfiber and water!