I struggled for a long time on my own without Christ.

I was under the impression that I had to give up the sinful life I was living and be a good person, before I could have salvation. So, I put it off, there was never a good opportunity for it.

One night, driving my friend home on a country back road, I came around a bend in the road at 60mph and 3 deer were standing in the middle of the road. I slammed on the brakes, locking them up and we spun out of control into the ditch on the right side of the road. We narrowly missed a road sign and an approach before traveling back across the road to the left ditch where we stopped on the shoulder, facing the road. Deer missed, sign missed, approach missed. The car was just fine, I was fine other than a pounding heart and my friend was untouched, though laying partially in my lap.

The gravity of the situation hit me as I was driving back towards home. I thanked God for the safety and His gentle compelling words cut through my racing adrenaline-filled thoughts;

“Anna, You need ME!”

“I know I need you God, but I’m not ready!”

There were many times that God spared my life and protected me as I blindly placed myself in harm’s way. Many times He gave me opportunity and wooed me.

And yet I chose my sin over my Savior over and over.

The allure of my lifestyle was greater than my desire for God. Then I got pregnant and my life spiraled, I quit drinking, I got some distance from the parties and life I had been living and finally God got through to my heart. A restless night of conviction, exhaustion and finally surrender.

“God I CAN’T do it, so if you want my life You are going to have to do it!” The moment I gave it up to Him, peace and sleep enveloped me.

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He had already bought my freedom 2000 years before on a rough wooden cross. He had already suffered and becomeĀ my sin. He was put to death “For the wages of sin is death”* and if that sin was not put to death I would have to die as penalty.

He not only forgave me for my wayward choices, but he became my sin and took it to the cross so that my sin was crucified and I could live with Him.

He desired relationship with me so much that He was willing to die the most excruciating and spiritually heavy death anyone will ever die in order to restore our relationship. It’s hard to imagine a love that deep.

Think how depressing it was for Jesus to have His heavenly Father turn His back, to become the most detestable thing to God, to be sin, because God can not look upon sin. Jesus became the go-between.

And imagine God, giving up His most prized possession, His only son as a sacrifice for the world so that every single human that He had created would have the chance to have a restored relationship with Him and have eternal hope and life.

Would you watch your son beaten and murdered in order for a world full of depraved people to have life?

Especially if you knew that many of those people would choose death anyway? I know I couldn’t.

But God did.

That is how much He loves you!

You don’t have to be anything but broken. You don’t have to do anything but accept forgiveness and repent.

It’s not about who you are but who your God is. It’s not about where you are but where He has been for you – the cross.

He meets you where you are, in the midst of your brokenness and sin and He redeems. Click To Tweet

Will you accept the freedom that He is holding out to you?

*Romans 6:23 KJV