How to make non toxic toddler paint with ingredients that you already have.

When my oldest was still my only, and I had more time and creative energy, we loved to paint and do other fun projects together.

Lately I have been regretting that I don’t do projects with him much anymore. Today while my little one was napping I had some time and I decided to spend it with Jacoby. He loves painting and recently I saw a recipe on Facebook for homemade paint so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. So we got out the ingredients that we needed and we mixed and stirred and voilà! It was super quick and easy project with stuff we already had in the house. Salt, Flour, Water and Food Coloring. It’s more of a glue like consistency and it needs a firmer, stiffer bristled brush but Jacoby seemed to enjoy painting a rainbow. Or try squeeze painting with this paint

Bonus: After you are done painting, add more flour and make play dough!

What you need:

Mixing bowl and smaller bowls or jars for each color


1 c Flour

1 c Salt

1 c Water

Food Coloring


Mix salt and flour in bowl and whisk in water until smooth. Add food coloring, it takes quite a bit. This is a good time to talk about colors and mixing primary colors to make secondary colors.

Making Homemade Rainbow Paint

My cheesy little helper. He loves mixing things!

Homemade Paint ingredients

Table salt, flour and water, simple, cheap, non-toxic, edible paint ingredients.

Making Homemade paint


Making Homemade paint

Look at that face! I think it’s his “This is awesome!” face… okay, yes, it’s his “stop taking pictures!” face…

Making Homemade paint

Water! He’s so exuberant!

Making Homemade paint

We made red, orange, yellow and green and talked about how different colors mix to make more colors!

Making Homemade paint

He will mix anything for me as long as he can use this hand beater.

Making Homemade paint

We produced quite a mess!

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How to make homemade paint

The finished product!

Homemade rainbow paint

He painted a rainbow. Im not sure if the paper will ever be fully dry!

What are some of your favorite rainbow toddler activities?