1. Patti

    So true! and well writ­ten! It’s easy to just excuse our­selves, and to not want to con­front sin in our own lives and those of oth­ers, but sin is destruc­tive and in the end, dead­ly! Love requires a cer­tain telling of the truth to those we love, and a telling our­selves the hard truth. One of the nice things is that over time, the right choic­es do become eas­i­er, and sin phys­i­cal­ly and emo­tion­al­ly los­es it’s grip. Right­eous­ness can become as much of a habit as sin has been.

    • amzachow

      Yes! Right choic­es do become default when we live a right­eous life. Thanks for the thought­ful com­ment!

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