Father's Day, Dear Dads...

Dear Dads, this post is for you.

“Wait!” I hear you women saying, “this blog is for mom’s.” But have you ever thought, you wouldn’t be a mom except for a Dad? It takes two to create that baby… well 3… but that’s a whole other post.

So, Dads, back to you! Sunday is Fathers Day. Awesome! A day to celebrate YOU! Kinda like your birthday but instead of being all about your life, it’s about a life choice – becoming a Dad.

Moms get lauded for their great sacrificial love, but Dads, you reflect THE Father!

Man, you have a lot to answer for, a lot of responsibility. With a role model like the Father God, that’s big shoes to fill!!

It is so rare anymore for fathers are shown in a positive light and it breaks my heart. But it reflects a lot of the Fathers of this world. So many are MIA in their children’s lives. 73% of children in the United States live with their Dad, 4% of those homes are single dads. But that still leaves 27% without fathers and that does not speak for the quality of the men actually in their homes.

Presence does not equal present!

That’s not fair! That’s not all the men’s choice. True. Some are passed away, some are not allowed to see their children or be a parent, but others lack the maturity and responsibility needed to give up what they want and be a steady Father. Who shows a good example and puts his family before his own pleasure or gratification or sometimes needs. Who sacrifices for others regularly, who leads from behind, by example. It’s a high calling.

But Dads, you are so so necessary for a child’s success.

There are 2 sides to this story. One is, we are created with a free will and we are responsible for the life choices we make, regardless of others influence in our lives. Your children can and will turn out without you. 

The other looks like this. Children are impressionable. There is a reason that God intended for every child born to have an involved and loving mother AND father! Children learn by example. Fathers have a huge impact on their children, on society, more than you will ever know! That can be good, or bad. 

Reading the statistics about fatherless children just blows me away!

  • 63% of teen suicides
  • 90% of homeless and runaway youth
  • 85% of children with behavioral issues
  • 80% of rapists
  • 71% of high school dropouts

All come from fatherless homes. This is just a few of the statistics found here.

And if you think that it’s only boys who are affected by a lack of Father influence… listen to this;

In girls without dads there is 53% more teenage marriage, 711% more teen moms, 164% more likely to have a kid before marriage and 92% more likely to get a divorce themselves! (The Fatherless Generation)

If that doesn’t tell you a girl needs her dad, I don’t know what does!

Dads, you were created to be warriors!

You were put into place as the protector, the provider, the lover and the initiator in your family. Your family needs to be pursued by you. They need you to be present, they need to be loved. Their needs have to be important to you, and not just the things that you think are needs, but what is important to THEM!

They need you to protect them. Spiritually, emotionally, physically. God made you a mighty warrior to protect them. He gave you incredible power and strength, and influence over your family! Use it for good!

Looking around, I see men who have gotten lazy, who are being beaten by Satan! He’s slaying men left and right and their families are being robbed and raped and plundered because these men aren’t prepared for the battle. Satan has built strong holds in their life creating easy access to their families.

We are raising men who chase worldly pleasures and instant gratification. We are telling men that they were created for sexual pleasure and they lack self control. That they are weak and stupid but this is not true!

God’s Purpose for Men

God created men strong, perfectly able to control their desires and minds. God created them in HIS image! He has high expectations for his men!

Be the generation to make a change! Stop the lies! Stop the defeat! Take heart men! Pick up your shields and swords and go out to battle! Tear down the devils strong holds, reject the lies! You are created for MORE! Click To Tweet

Your women need you! Your children need you! You can make a difference! Men, you don’t have to be subject to addictions, to the lies and to defeat. You are stronger than any of Satan’s darts.

Put on your armor! The closer to Jesus you are, the harder it is for Satan to infiltrate your life. And the harder it is to infiltrate your life… the harder it is for Satan to get to your family!

Come on mighty men, prepare your hearts and souls for battle! You ARE so much more! Strive to live up to your potential. Be the change you wish to see in the world! Don’t just resolve, live in that resolve to be the best dad to be intentional to be a leader that trains up warriors for the kingdom!

Fathers, we need YOU!!