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How to create the perfect laundry routine

Are You Making These 8 Laundry Mistakes?

*This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. If you buy something through a link in my post, I will receive a small commission to help run this blog at no extra cost to you.  My Laundry Dilemma For me there are so many satisfying things about doing laundry, it’s mindless, it takes very little time and it feels so good when it’s done! Oh, and I have a very cute little helper as you can see in the…

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3 Must Have Norwex Items and How to get Them for Free!

The Chemicals in most household cleaners can get you high. Norwex Solves Our Chemical Problem! Out of approximately 84,000 chemicals on the market only 1% have been tested for safety. Let that sink in. To me, that is terrifying. On average men use about 85 and women use up to 168 more than that just in personal care products on a daily basis. Think shampoo, body wash, deodorant, body spray, toothpaste, shaving cream, makeup and that is just the tip…

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The Best Ever Healthy Strawberry Shake

I went to the gym with my boys, (1 and 3 years old) I got a double work out in! Really, they were very well behaved but toddlers are busy, everyone knows that! It was bedtime when we got home so I didn’t get the chance to eat anything (Jacoby ate both apples I brought along!) By 8:30 I couldn’t decide if I wanted a protein shake or to go to bed. I opted for the protein shake since I…

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8 Ways to Make Camping with Children Super Simple

*this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I make a small commission from your purchases at no extra cost to you.  The husband and I are rather spontaneous people. Just a week before our big camping trip we decided to go. We have only camped one other time by ourselves without my family and it is a lot more work than I realized. Being responsible to remember to pack everything and to cook the meals over a campfire…

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