Fleeting Moments

Making Moments into Memories

My baby is super trendy. Lately, he’s into food facials, but instead of avocado, oatmeal and the likes, it’s spaghetti, and smoothie and chocolate. All the carbs please! I didn’t get a picture of him tonight, but this is close to what he looked like.  Food facials have become a daily occurrence at our meal times since Mr. Jamesie wants to feed himself. And if you’re lucky enough to sit by him, he’ll even offer to coat your face for…

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Calm down strategies for children

Calm Down Strategies for Helping Your Child to Self Regulate

Helping your child calm down by themselves My 3 year old is rather high strung. With a mind that is constantly going and a sensitive heart, he is full of energy and easily riled up. He is easily stimulated by large crowds, tense conversations and noise. When I vacuum, flush the toilet, use the blender, or other things that are loud, if he’s not doing okay, he will get very upset. And even when he is okay, often likes to…

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Children Need Their Dads and Here’s Why

Dear Dads, this post is for you. “Wait!” I hear you women saying, “this blog is for mom’s.” But have you ever thought, you wouldn’t be a mom except for a Dad? It takes two to create that baby… well 3… but that’s a whole other post. So, Dads, back to you! Sunday is Fathers Day. Awesome! A day to celebrate YOU! Kinda like your birthday but instead of being all about your life, it’s about a life choice –…

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