• How to create the perfect laundry routine

    Are You Making These 8 Laundry Mistakes?

    *This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. If you buy something through a link in my post, I will receive a small commission to help run this blog at no extra cost to you.  My Laundry Dilemma For me there are so many satisfying things about doing laundry, it’s mindless, it takes very little time and it feels so good when it’s done! Oh, and I have a very cute little helper as you can see in the picture below! But I have terrible laundry habits. I will wait to put laundry in until it’s absolutely necessary, like, someone’s out of underwear kind of necessary! My husband will…

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    Everything You Actually Need for Baby – A Minimalist Guide

    *This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I do get a small commission from any purchase you make at no extra cost to you, which helps to keep this blog running. The first time I got pregnant I had no idea what I actually needed for baby! As first time parents, we want to make sure we have everything that we need. Our nursery is perfectly decorated with whatever the newest baby fad is. Their closets and dressers are neatly organized with these tiny little newborn outfits. And our houses are crowded with all the baby furniture that baby equipment designers tell us we need for our baby. I…

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    What You Need When You Need to Make a Change

    So you want to make a change, lose 10 pounds, stop yelling at  your kids. Do you want to start working out consistently or eat more healthy? Maybe you want to read more or get your home organized. Whatever it is, change doesn’t often come easy for us, we have to work for it and create healthy habits that enable us to make the change happen. I was recently feeling frustrated about the lack of time I had for my personal devotions.  I came up with excuse after excuse until  I realized I did have time but I was choosing to use that time for other things, social media, cleaning,…