What Happens in the Crib…


The prob­lem with judg­ing oth­er par­ents is; kar­ma!  Do I believe in kar­ma? Not exact­ly.  It does seem though, as if every time I judge a par­ent or a sit­u­a­tion, it comes back around to me.  Once upon a time, I judged my broth­er who strug­gled with his child stay­ing buck­led in his car seat. … [Read more…]

Homemade Rainbow Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough

Remem­ber that home­made paint we made the last time we did a rain­bow tod­dler activ­i­ty? I said you could make it into play dough, here’s how. You’ll need: Sauce Pan Cream of Tar­tar (affil­i­ate link) Oil Home­made Paint Flour Direc­tions: Use rub­ber scraper to scrape one of the paint col­ors from its con­tain­er into a sauce … [Read more…]

8 Ways to Make Camping with Children Super Simple

*this post may con­tain affil­i­ate links for your con­ve­nience. I make a small com­mis­sion from your pur­chas­es at no extra cost to you.  The hus­band and I are rather spon­ta­neous peo­ple. Just a week before our big camp­ing trip we decid­ed to go. We have only camped one oth­er time by our­selves with­out my fam­i­ly … [Read more…]