Fleeting Moments

Making Moments into Memories

My baby is super trendy. Late­ly, he’s into food facials, but instead of avo­ca­do, oat­meal and the likes, it’s spaghet­ti, and smooth­ie and choco­late. All the carbs please! Food facials have become a dai­ly occur­rence at our meal times since Mr. Jame­sie wants to feed him­self. And if you’re lucky enough to sit by him, he’ll even offer to coat your face for you. Free facial any­one? No? Why ever not?! He’s 15 months, you know, it would be embar­rass­ing…

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Calm down strategies for children

Calm Down Strategies for Helping Your Child to Self Regulate

Help­ing your child calm down by them­selves My 3 year old is rather high strung. With a mind that is con­stant­ly going and a sen­si­tive heart, he is full of ener­gy and eas­i­ly riled up. He is eas­i­ly stim­u­lat­ed by large crowds, tense con­ver­sa­tions and noise. When I vac­u­um, flush the toi­let, use the blender, or oth­er things that are loud, if he’s not doing okay, he will get very upset. And even when he is okay, often likes to…

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