3 Must Have Norwex Items and How to get Them for Free!

The Chemicals in most household cleaners can get you high. Norwex Solves Our Chemical Problem! Out of approximately 84,000 chemicals on the market only 1% have been tested for safety. Let that sink in. To me, that is terrifying. On average men use about 85 and women use up to 168 more than that just in personal care products on a daily basis. Think shampoo, body wash, deodorant, body spray, toothpaste, shaving cream, makeup and that is just the tip…

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How the Cross Changed My Life

I struggled for a long time on my own without Christ. I was under the impression that I had to give up the sinful life I was living and be a good person, before I could have salvation. So, I put it off, there was never a good opportunity for it. One night, driving my friend home on a country back road, I came around a bend in the road at 60mph and 3 deer were standing in the middle…

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The Best Ever Healthy Strawberry Shake

I went to the gym with my boys, (1 and 3 years old) I got a double work out in! Really, they were very well behaved but toddlers are busy, everyone knows that! It was bedtime when we got home so I didn’t get the chance to eat anything (Jacoby ate both apples I brought along!) By 8:30 I couldn’t decide if I wanted a protein shake or to go to bed. I opted for the protein shake since I…

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You Call Me Out Upon the Waters

Is this what it feels like to trust… overwhelming and a little… no, a lot like you’re drowning? I can relate to Peter, when Jesus was walking on the water and Peter jumped out of the boat to meet Him. Peter was so zealous and eager to follow Jesus but along the way he would quickly lose faith. I feel like that, I jump in without always thinking it through realistically and when the waves come crashing and the water…

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Everything You Actually Need for Baby – A Minimalist Guide

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I do get a small commission from any purchase you make at no extra cost to you, which helps to keep this blog running. The first time I got pregnant I had no idea what I actually needed for baby! As first time parents, we want to make sure we have everything that we need. Our nursery is perfectly decorated with whatever the newest baby fad is. Their closets and dressers are…

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8 Ways to Make Camping with Children Super Simple

*this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I make a small commission from your purchases at no extra cost to you.  The husband and I are rather spontaneous people. Just a week before our big camping trip we decided to go. We have only camped one other time by ourselves without my family and it is a lot more work than I realized. Being responsible to remember to pack everything and to cook the meals over a campfire…

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What You Need When You Need to Make a Change

So you want to make a change, lose 10 pounds, stop yelling at  your kids. Do you want to start working out consistently or eat more healthy? Maybe you want to read more or get your home organized. Whatever it is, change doesn’t often come easy for us, we have to work for it and create healthy habits that enable us to make the change happen. I was recently feeling frustrated about the lack of time I had for my…

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