Herbal Healing Salve Recipe

How to Make Your Own Powerful Herbal Healing Salve

This powerful herbal healing salve is packed full of herbs and yet super simple to make. Not only will it prevent and fight infection but it greatly speeds recovery time of acne, rashes, burns, cuts, scrapes, and sores. This is the only diaper rash cream I ever use and the number 1 item I keep in my First Aid Kit, along with band-aids. Recently one of my friends called my mom to ask what her herbal healing salve recipe is. “It’s…

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Calm down strategies for children

Calm Down Strategies for Helping Your Child to Self Regulate

Helping your child calm down by themselves My 3 year old is rather high strung. With a mind that is constantly going and a sensitive heart, he is full of energy and easily riled up. He is easily stimulated by large crowds, tense conversations and noise. When I vacuum, flush the toilet, use the blender, or other things that are loud, if he’s not doing okay, he will get very upset. And even when he is okay, often likes to…

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How to create the perfect laundry routine

Are You Making These 8 Laundry Mistakes?

*This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. If you buy something through a link in my post, I will receive a small commission to help run this blog at no extra cost to you.  My Laundry Dilemma For me there are so many satisfying things about doing laundry, it’s mindless, it takes very little time and it feels so good when it’s done! Oh, and I have a very cute little helper as you can see in the…

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The Best Blogging Resources to Start a Profitable Blog in 2018

*This page contains affiliate links, I make a small commission off anything that you buy through my link, at no extra cost to you. All profits are used to keep this blog running to help you and others who read it.  Do you want to start a blog but don’t have any idea how? or have you already started but need a little boost of direction? You’ve probably heard that you can make 6 figures blogging, maybe you’re skeptical, maybe…

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Raise Vegan Magazine

Raise Vegan is the New Millennial Parents Magazine

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a magazine called Raise Vegan. After perusing the contents, I concluded that it is a magazine worth sharing with you. What is Raise Vegan? Raise Vegan is everything you need to raise a vegan family delivered monthly to your mailbox in one super easy to read magazine! What’s not to love about that?! Although I do not live an exclusively vegan lifestyle, I strive to live a healthier and greener life. Raise…

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Homemade Play Dough

Homemade Rainbow Play Dough

Remember that homemade paint we made the last time we did a rainbow toddler activity? I said you could make it into play dough, here’s how. You’ll need: Sauce Pan Cream of Tartar (affiliate link) Oil Homemade Paint Flour Directions: Use rubber scraper to scrape one of the paint colors from its container into a sauce pan. Turn on medium heat and add a tsp of oil and a tsp of cream of tarter. Stir thoroughly. It will quickly thicken when…

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How to Make Homemade Paint

When my oldest was still my only, and I had more time and creative energy, we loved to paint and do other fun projects together. Lately I have been regretting that I don’t do projects with him much anymore. Today while my little one was napping I had some time and I decided to spend it with Jacoby. He loves painting and recently I saw a recipe on Facebook for homemade paint so I thought it would be fun to…

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Children Need Their Dads and Here’s Why

Dear Dads, this post is for you. “Wait!” I hear you women saying, “this blog is for mom’s.” But have you ever thought, you wouldn’t be a mom except for a Dad? It takes two to create that baby… well 3… but that’s a whole other post. So, Dads, back to you! Sunday is Fathers Day. Awesome! A day to celebrate YOU! Kinda like your birthday but instead of being all about your life, it’s about a life choice –…

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