1. Doing laun­dry is kin­da ther­a­peu­tic for me. That chose is assigned to me at home and it’s so much fun. Thanks for this list!

    • amzachow

      Valerie, I love that you say it’s ther­a­peu­tic, it real­ly is! Thanks for stop­ping by!

  2. I am VERY guilty of not fold­ing my clothes right away and then fold­ing them and leav­ing them out.. cur­rent­ly star­ing at some clothes right now feel­ing a lit­tle bet­ter know­ing I’m not liv­ing this laun­dry strug­gle alone, lol.

    • amzachow

      Oh man! I know. I cur­rent­ly have a bas­ket of unfold­ed cloth­ing wait­ing for me. *sigh*

  3. I feel that way about wash­ing dish­es by hand. Watch­ing the mess dis­ap­pear is as sat­is­fy­ing as restock­ing the sock draw­er isn’t it?

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