A Story of Redemption

A Story of Redemption

I recently discovered this poem I had written almost 5 years ago. It was an encouraging reminder to me of the growth and healing God has brought into my life. I had only written up to “I’ll look back someday and say,” but I can say now, my life is a testimony to His grace and redemption. Jesus saves!

I was scared to death
Could almost taste your breath
Your eyes and hands begging for me
Innocent and naive I caved
Wish I’d been stronger
All that heartache I coulda saved

But a lesson learned is never vain
Despite the pain
Even with its shame
But I’ll never be the same.
My world’s turning gray
And I begin to fray
Morals fading into the haze

I’m feeling lost, am I all wrong?
I slip up again
But I try to stand up, look strong
Make everything alright again
There’s still a stain
I still bear the scars
From going a bit too far.

Will I be okay?
Or will I slowly fray,
Unravel like torn material
Until nothing’s left but ragged threads
These wounds can they heal?
Or will my heart remain in shreds?

The sunlight hides behind dark clouds
And with it shrouds,
So cruelly blots out,
All hope I harbored throughout.
Desperate and low,
I’ve finally given up now,
My life is snafu,

In blackest midnight I lament
As tears blur my sight
An echo from my soul is sent,
A tiny spark of faith ignites
Soon blazing bright
Lighting the darkness,
Til all my fears are ashes.

I’ll look back one day
And say,
Tears remain for a night,
But Joy comes in the Morning
Light breaking, dawn eternal,
Shows me hope and joy
Forgiveness and redemption for a life
I thought had lost all hope
The answer to my heart cry
Ringing age to age;

Jesus saves!

A Story of Redemption