A Story of Redemption

A Story of Redemption

I recent­ly dis­cov­ered this poem I had writ­ten almost 5 years ago. It was an encour­ag­ing reminder to me of the growth and heal­ing God has brought into my life. I had only writ­ten up to “I’ll look back some­day and say,” but I can say now, my life is a tes­ti­mo­ny to His grace and redemp­tion. Jesus saves!

I was scared to death
Could almost taste your breath
Your eyes and hands beg­ging for me
Inno­cent and naive I caved
Wish I’d been stronger
All that heartache I coul­da saved

But a les­son learned is nev­er vain
Despite the pain
Even with its shame
But I’ll nev­er be the same.
My world’s turn­ing gray
And I begin to fray
Morals fad­ing into the haze

I’m feel­ing lost, am I all wrong?
I slip up again
But I try to stand up, look strong
Make every­thing alright again
There’s still a stain
I still bear the scars
From going a bit too far.

Will I be okay?
Or will I slow­ly fray,
Unrav­el like torn mate­r­i­al
Until nothing’s left but ragged threads
These wounds can they heal?
Or will my heart remain in shreds?

The sun­light hides behind dark clouds
And with it shrouds,
So cru­el­ly blots out,
All hope I har­bored through­out.
Des­per­ate and low,
I’ve final­ly giv­en up now,
My life is sna­fu,

In black­est mid­night I lament
As tears blur my sight
An echo from my soul is sent,
A tiny spark of faith ignites
Soon blaz­ing bright
Light­ing the dark­ness,
Til all my fears are ash­es.

I’ll look back one day
And say,
Tears remain for a night,
But Joy comes in the Morn­ing
Light break­ing, dawn eter­nal,
Shows me hope and joy
For­give­ness and redemp­tion for a life
I thought had lost all hope
The answer to my heart cry
Ring­ing age to age;

Jesus saves!

A Story of Redemption