What You Need When You Need to Make a Change

So you want to make a change, lose 10 pounds, stop yelling at  your kids. Do you want to start work­ing out con­sis­tent­ly or eat more healthy? Maybe you want to read more or get your home orga­nized. What­ev­er it is, change doesn’t often come easy for us, we have to work for it and cre­ate healthy habits that enable us to make the change hap­pen.

I was recent­ly feel­ing frus­trat­ed about the lack of time I had for my per­son­al devo­tions.  I came up with excuse after excuse until  I real­ized I did have time but I was choos­ing to use that time for oth­er things, social media, clean­ing, mak­ing meals. I deter­mined that first thing when I woke up I would com­mit that time to my qui­et time and guess what? It hap­pened! I have found time almost every day since. Some­times it is inter­rupt­ed by lit­tles wak­ing up and need­ing things, some morn­ings I make break­fast for C if he wakes up before I get a chance to spend time in the word, oth­er morn­ings I put on a movie and let him watch it so that I can get a few unin­ter­rupt­ed moments. I don’t like to give him much screen time but I have found that I need my qui­et time.

Are you need­ing a lit­tle guid­ance to make a change? Things I have learned about mak­ing a change are –

You have to be ready to make a change.

If you only kind of want to change, you won’t change. You have to be ready. Like REALLY ready, so sick of what­ev­er it is that you will do what­ev­er it takes to achieve your goals.

You have to really REALLY want  to make a change.

On top of being ready to change you have to want to change. You have to want the change more than you want the com­fort and ease of stay­ing in old habits.

You have to do it for YOU!

Try­ing to change to make some­one else hap­py or because you think that you will be liked bet­ter will not help you to obtain per­ma­nent habits. If the cir­cum­stances change, the habit will most like­ly revert as well. An excep­tion to this — when I found out I was preg­nant with my first son I quit smok­ing cig­a­rettes for his health, it has been three years and I have no inten­tions of ever tak­ing up smok­ing again. Ever. Some­times you do need a lit­tle moti­va­tion from some­one else.

You have to MAKE time.

You can always find a rea­son not to change. More often than not, it’s because you don’t have time. Look at your day, find the wast­ed min­utes, or min­utes that you could spend to work out, pre­pare healthy food, go back to school, what­ev­er it is that you want to change. Repri­or­i­tize your time and make time for it.

You have to make it a priority.

Give it impor­tance in your life. Mak­ing change a pri­or­i­ty will ensure that you make time for it.

You have to stop making excuses.

Excus­es, excus­es. I don’t have time. I’ll start next week. I will start if… I can’t because… Stop it, just STOP! No more excus­es. Excus­es will get you absolute­ly no where! Get up, put excus­es behind you and go chase that change!

You have to make the plunge.

Stop say­ing “tomor­row I will”. Don’t let fear keep you from chang­ing. Just get­ting your toes wet is not going to get you there. You have to make the plunge!

You have to be disciplined to make a change.

As I said before, change does not gen­er­al­ly come easy to us, once you decide that it is what you want and start going for it, when you lose moti­va­tion, you have to do it any­ways!

You need accountability.

It is much eas­i­er to stick to some­thing if you have some­one oth­er than your­self to keep you on track. A friend, a part­ner, a spouse. Tell them your goals and ask them to encour­age and hold you to them.

You have to give it time.

You’re ready and you want the change, you have jumped all in and you are being dis­ci­plined about it. Maybe you’re see­ing results, maybe you’re not. Give it time. Habits take time to form, bod­ies take time to slim, it will hap­pen. Keep doing what you’re doing!

You can’t give up.

Change hurts some­times. It’s uncom­fort­able and being dis­ci­plined is so much hard­er than just slip­ping back into your old habits, but, you’ve come this far, now don’t give up!

You know what you need to change, you want to change, you have the know how, no go get it!


Believe you can and you are half way there. ~Theodore Roo­sevelt 



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